Devils in Disguise

by Little White Lies

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released November 5, 2012

2012 FYH!Records (
Music and lyrics by Little White Lies – Zbyszek Krenc, Kasia Katee Bartczak
Recorded and produced in 2012 by Paweł Cieślak in Hasselhoff Studio
Special guests: Szymon Weiss (ELEKTRISCHE.TV), Paweł Cieślak
Photos by Maciej Urlich
Design by Jakub Kotylak/Yak



all rights reserved


Little White Lies Łódź, Poland

Little White Lies is one of the most interesting bands in Poland.
The group was founded in Łódź by vocalist Kasia Katee Krenc and guitarist and vocalist Zbyszek Krenc, later joined by drummer Piotr Gwadera. The band played numerous concerts in Poland, including Heineken Open’er Festival and Soundrive Festival. ... more

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Track Name: Don't breathe until I tell u to
I came into being from the ocean waves
Colar-coloured dress is gleaming on the water
I came into being from the breath of air
Satin clouds gently shape my body
And I came into being from the fire’s heat
That magic spark that makes my heartbeat
And I came into being from the dust of earth
With a heart full of grace

I originate the world
And I will lay dawn my life for it

Don’t breathe until I tell u to
Track Name: Substitute for Love
Those who were once loved by you
Can become your deadly enemies
But in a blink of an eye
You can play a part once again
With a smile on your face
Just learn your lines by heart
Forget the things that passed
Pointless memories going thru your head

Disgraceful thoughts, provocative behaviour
We were thrown into chaos
We were thrown to the wolves

Would you stay even if I failed
Would you stay to defend our substitute for love

Those who were once hated
Can become beloved by all
But in a flash of light
You can catch the shadows from the past
With a grimace of despair
You learn your lines by heart
But you got lost in lies
Silly excuses going thru your head
Track Name: Velvet Revolution
In a box for odds and ends
I keep your bitter words
Little white lies, clever tricks
Surprisingly I was quick to learn that
One thing leads to another

In a plastic rubbish bin
I keep my memories
Lonely mornings, idle nights
Apparently I was quick to learn that
One thing leads to another

Scraps of sad, urban love
I divided into two
Buzzing sun, stagnant air
I can touch it, I can hear it
And I start my velvet revolution
Track Name: Waste Time
I walk on trails
Searching for hope
All those looks, press my body
Against the wall

The same ways
Tell me to escape
The same waves
But right now
We are strangers

I feel I waste time

Alcohol low
Dirty stain
I’m chocking with everything I’m saying
Unknown places, different slides
Portrait trip, forever
Today is the day, here and now,
last fucking day I remember
Track Name: Farewell
High noon has come
And nothing is the way it seems
I’m too naïve and you’re such a fool
Our eyes should meet for the last time
I believe what they say is true
Nothing lasts forever
So come, take my hand
Let’s walk towards the end

It’s hard to live with less, when you had it all

A new wind is blowing
And nothing will ever be the same
I am such a fool and you’re so naïve
Our eyes will meet for the last time
We’ve been blind for too long
Cause nothing is forever
Watch me drown, just for a while
When everything goes down with us
Track Name: Save me
the ghosts of the past, hidden behind the curtains
all track of time lost in confusion
vague memories - the most cherished illusion
distorted reflection in the mirror

I see others seeking for love
I hear others praying for hope
but I find myself standing on the edge of the precipice
save me before I fall
Track Name: Wedding Dress
I deprived myself of grace
I threw away my wedding dress
I buried your love alive
This illness drained all my strength

And it came as no surprise to me
That it was sheer foolishness to be
Going down a blind alley
Going up in flames again

I think it’s time
We realized it

Divided we stand
United we fall
Track Name: adr
In front of witnesses we kiss
I know how hard you try
Not to look into my eyes directly

A storm of applause
We’ll never get older
We’ll never get tired of each other
So let’s go where noone can find us

A perfect crime in a three-star hotel
Come inside
Draw the curtains

Blood-red lips
A smell of sweat on my skin
Words stuck in my throat
I can’t look into your eyes directly

A storm of protest
I pretend I don’t know you
I pretend I don’t care, but I swear
I still feel the adrenaline flowing
Track Name: Untitled
furious ways
I can’t stop
All these sounds
Head unlocked
What a world
No surprise
I must win
On that night

Tragic scenes
Before my eyes
I need a rest
Forget the past
Funny games
All the time
Shake me up
I am drowned

Nights and days
Rolling time
I hope again
For morning price
I want to hear all the time
Your sweet voice
See your eyes
Track Name: Just Black
It’s only u and me and the whole world underwater
I see the flood rising up, swallowing the ground beneath my feet
I feel you breathing down my neck
I hear dark shadows rising above us
destroying secret dreams

hearts in the dark
seeing nothing
just black
and nothing more and nothing less
Track Name: Sunflowers
like footprints in the blinding snow
I am easy to see
like your favourite love poems
I am easy to read
I flourish in front of your eyes
like sunflowers in early fall

like footprints in the blinding snow
you are easy to see
like my favourite love poems
you are easy to read
You flourish in front of my eyes
like sunflowers in early fall
Track Name: Hurricane
the demons whisper in my ear
unconscious mind, bleeding heart
a forgotten time, a forgotten land
good days are gone
taken by hurricane wind
but I still carry on

again I feel the oncoming cold
the words once said, don’t matter now
unforgiven sins, a forbidden love
awareness is lost
clouded by hurricane storm
but i still carry on

I disturbed your peace of mind
I failed to keep my promises
unforgotten fear, unforgotten pain
your tears were real
washed away by hurricane rain
but u still carry on
Track Name: Three Days
and I remember that night
when I stood among the street lamps
and u were there just right beside me
watching furtively melting snowflakes on my face
and your heart melted at the sight of my smile
three days slipped by almost imperceptibly

and I started to miss so many things
I miss sidelong glance, gentle touch on my back
Thrilling nights and days of idleness
But I think I miss you most of all
three days slipped by almost imperceptible